My Go-To Winter Outfit

My area of the country has been experiencing uncharacteristically low temperatures. I used to always feel cold during the winter, until I discovered what kind of clothing to wear to block wind and insulate my body. Now I feel equipped to handle even the lowest temperatures around here, and enjoy being outside in the crisp, chilly air. Take a look at my go-to outfit for a typical winter day here in Pennsylvania.

Down Trapper Hat (Pictured: Eddie Bauer Yukon Down Trapper Hat in black)

A good hat is essential to keep your body warm in cold temperatures. This one from Eddie Bauer is awesome, because it is insulated with goose down and has flaps to fully cover your ears. It also has a short strap to snap the hat tight in case of wind. I’ve been wearing this every day. Even when the wind chill drops to below zero degrees Fahrenheit, it keeps me nice and warm.  

Down Jacket (pictured: Eddie Bauer Women’s Microtherm StormDown Jacket in Peacock)

For me, having a down jacket for the winter is non negotiable. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and by far the best insulator. This jacket is a new edition to my winter collection, and I have been wearing it constantly. Although it’s extremely lightweight, this coat prevents my upper body from ever getting cold. It also blocks wind, which is an important factor in choosing effective winter outer-layers.

Wool Mittens (pictured: L.L. Bean Buckskin Chopper Mitts)

I have found a pair of mittens that keeps my hands warm no matter what, and I will probably never wear anything else. The Wood Chopper Mitts from L.L. Bean come with two layers: the first is a wool mitten, and the second is a leather outer-layer. For day-to-day wear, simply the wool layer works beautifully at preventing my hands from ever getting cold. I pack on the leather layer when I go out skiing or hiking to keep the wool layer dry and add even more warmth.

Fleece/Sweater (pictured: L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover in Royal Plum)

Since I always wear a wind-breaking layer on top, I usually go for a fleece or sweater base-layer. If I had more than one of this sweater fleece from L.L. Bean, I’d probably wear it every day. It’s cute, versatile, and super warm.


Full-Length Leggings (pictured: Athleta Excursion Tight in Black Heather)

Since I’m constantly running from tennis practice, to a workout, to a dinner with friends, I need leggings that are not only warm, but also versatile. Athleta has become one of my favorite clothing companies that truly considers women who need multi-use clothing. These leggings have been amazing this winter, because I can wear them for just about anything. Comfortable, cute, and cozy, they have been a staple for me this winter. Plus, they have pockets!

Wool Socks (pictured: Smartwool Medium Hikers)

I could not function without wool socks during the winter. My feet tend to get cold very quickly, and it is difficult to warm them up again. These Smartwool socks have become my absolute favorite for maintaining warmth in my feet and toes throughout the day, even if I’m outside for an extended period of time. The pair I’m wearing here are one of their heaviest weights, but Smartwool also has medium and lightweight socks that are perfect for fall and spring. They’re durable, cushioned, and fit very nicely.

Insulated, Waterproof Boots (pictured: 8” L.L. Bean Boots)

This is my pair of small-batch Bean Boots I received as a birthday gift in December. My particular pair are not available anymore, but they have plenty of others equally as great. They are insulated with Insulate, completely waterproof, and therefore amazing for inclement weather and traipsing around in the snow.


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