Review: Paleonola Grain-Free Granola

Since first learning about the Paleo diet, Paleonola has become my favorite place for grain-free granola. Interested in something new, and inspired by change needed in both of their lives, husband and wife team Katelyn and Dinos started the company shortly after getting married. They uphold an exceptional mission statement and are committed to quality service and maintaining a pure product even as their company expands. I have tried all of their flavors and stand by my opinion that Paleonola makes the best grain-free granola on the market. It’s seriously good. Not to mention the fact that their values make them an even more deserving company to support. Read on for my break down of the brand and product. Feel free to use the links I’ve included at the end of the post if you’d like to try some yourself!


Paleonola’s Mission

Believing in simple, all-natural ingredients helped inspire Katelyn and Dinos to begin Paleonola, so it makes sense that this is an integral component of their mission statement. Their granola comprises only a small part of their ultimate goal, which is to provide a small part in creating better lives for their customers. As they write on their website, “we believe that honesty and simplicity are the keys to meeting the challenges of everyday life. That’s why we created a simple snack that we believe will help encourage you to live a healthier life. You’ll be amazed at how the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.” What’s not to love about that? Katelyn and Dinos clearly care about their customers and about giving us the best possible product.



As promised, Paleonola delivers a simple, high-quality ingredient list. Take their Original Paleonola, for example:

Ingredients: Almonds, Pecans, Pepitas*, Honey*, Walnuts, Coconut Oil*, Sunflower Seeds*, Flax Seeds*, Sweetened Dried Cranberries (Cranberries, Apple Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil), Dried Coconut*, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon.

As is evident, the ingredients listed are all recognizable, real, and energy-rich. Katelyn and Dinos point out in their Beliefs section that many other granolas include ingredients like canola oil, refined sugar, soy lecithin, “and other ingredients that diminish and in some cases even ruin our intention of trying to eat healthy.” Zero refined sugar, zero grains, and all ingredients I can feel good about eating. The ingredients in their other kinds are all similar, just with different flavors and spices.


As you can see from this label on a bag of Maple Pancake Paleonola, it is extremely low in sugar, and carbohydrates, and offers healthy fats to keep you full for a good amount of time. When I have this for breakfast, I don’t begin to feel hungry for at least three or four hours, which isn’t something I can say about any other granola I’ve tried.



Every flavor they make is absolutely delicious, including The Original, Chocolate Fix, Maple Pancake, Pina Colada, Apple Pie, and Pumpkin Pie. Like I said earlier, I’ve tried all of them and can’t say that any of them is less than amazing. My favorite is probably Maple Pancake, but you really cannot go wrong no matter which you choose. All of the flavors go well with Almond or coconut milk, or with yogurt for those who aren’t strictly paleo. Yum 🙂



Some might cringe at the price tag, which is set around $8.99 for a ten-ounce bag (price will vary depending on where you purchase). But it is absolutely worth it. Consider the high-quality ingredients, like pecans, honey and coconut oil and know that if anything, the price is reasonable. Plus, you don’t need much to get you through a solid few hours feeling energized and full. Whereas with traditional store-bought granola, you might end up hungry within an hour or two. Also think about the money you spend on granola full of sugar and grain, that is a much less nutritive and worthwhile place to use your money. If you’re going to buy granola, you might as well put your money toward one that is committed to giving you the best ingredients, help you live a healthier life, and tastes amazing.


Taste and Texture

There is always a great discrepancy between granola varieties. Some are crunchy, others are soft. Some are full of clusters and others are more of a loose consistency. A lot of times, grain free granola can lack the crunchy texture many people love in regular oat-based granola. Paleonola fulfills their promise to provide the similar crunchy, cluster-filled goodness you find in other, less healthy brands.



Overall, Katelyn and Dinos represent a movement away from artificial food toward real food that fuels your body to perform at its best. This review might sound sponsored, but I assure you no one is paying me for my opinions. I truly believe in Paleonola as a company and as a product, and encourage you to check it out. Paleonola is also a fantastic gift idea! You can get it from their own website or from Amazon. I’m about to buy some for my brother for Christmas! I hope you enjoyed this review and check out this incredible company. Thank you, Katelyn and Dinos for making a such a great product, worthy of much praise.


Links to Purchase Paleonola:

Variety Six-Pack

Variety Three-Pack

Pumpkin Pie Two-Pack

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