The Importance of Starting Your Day Out Right: Simple tips to feel better about mornings


If you’re not naturally a morning person, waking up early can be miserable. Waking up before 8 am is actually painful for me. I hate it and never want to do it. However, I have learned some really helpful tricks to train my body to feel more awake and ready for the day. It is so important to try and start the day out positively so that the rest of your day flows well. If you wake up tired or feeling negatively at the start of the day, it can be difficult to turn around your mentality, which makes it harder to have a good day overall. Here are a few tips to help you get out of bed in the morning to face another day at work.


Don’t hit the snooze

No matter how tempting it is to snooze your alarm, doing so can ruin your sleep cycle. According to author Michael Hyatt, falling back to sleep for five or ten minutes actually interrupts sleep patterns, making it much more difficult to wake up. No matter how awful it is to get out of bed at your first alarm, use the risk of being more tired later as your motivator to get moving immediately.


Eat a good breakfast

You’ve heard this a thousand times, but eating a solid, healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day. It amazes me how many people still do not eat breakfast despite awareness of countless benefits like healthier body weight and higher energy levels. Be intentional about putting effort into breakfast. Instead of reaching for a sugary cereal, take time to make eggs or a smoothie. Use your time during breakfast as a meditative space to ground yourself for the upcoming day.


Wake up with positive thoughts

This is difficult to do when your alarm goes off before your body feels ready to wake up. Yet, changing your mindset to a positive one right at the beginning of the day can have a great impact on your overall disposition. Easier said than done, but try waking up by thinking about things you are looking forward to later that day.


Do Something You Enjoy for 20 Minutes

Most of us wake up leaving only enough time to shower, dress, and run out the door before work. I’ve found that waking up a few minutes earlier to read, run, write, or just relax for a bit helps me feel more awake and more sane before entering the work day. Giving myself time to breathe before work also helps relieve some work-related stress. Consider waking up just a few minutes earlier than you normally might to allow yourself time to relax.

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