DIY Hot Oil Hair Treatment


We put our hair through so much stress. Coloring, heat styling and even cold weather can majorly dry out and damage hair. So, it’s important to nurture your tresses to prevent damage that can lead to limp, frizzy, and uncooperative hair. Doing an at-home oil treatment is easy and doesn’t require too much time. I recommend doing one of these treatments every other week, or more often if your hair is particularly stressed. After even two treatments your hair will be noticeable easier to work with, and the oils will work to improve your hair’s overall health over time.


1 TBS Olive Oil

1 TBS Coconut Oil

1 TBS Honey

  1. Heat olive oil, coconut oil, and honey in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, depending on your microwave’s power.
  2. Apply throughout hair, concentrating on ends
  3. Leave in for 20 minutes (or 30 if you have time) and shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo afterward.

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