How to Train Your Body to Crave Healthy Food

There is no denying the fact that junk food tastes great. However, you can actually rewire your body to crave healthy foods, even at your hungriest. If you practice eating healthy food regularly, your body will learn to adjust and crave nutrient-rich foods instead of foods like chips and cookies that provide “instant gratification.” Give the following tips a dedicated try for two or three weeks, paying attention to your energy levels and ability to concentrate. Chances are, they will both improve and your body will feel overall much better. If you try it long enough, things like candy might actually begin to taste bad to you. Training your body to want the food it needs is simpler than you might think.

  1. Change your perspective: If you think positively about junk food and negatively about healthy food, it will be more difficult to alter your habits. Your body needs things like vegetables, fruit, and meat to function optimally. Depriving your body of essential nutrients punishes your body. View healthy food as a gift for your body. Try to think of healthy food as fuel that enables you to do things you want to experience every day, like energy and clear thinking.
  2. Reach for nutritious food: Especially when you’re extremely hungry, it is important to reach for healthy foods to fill yourself up. If you begin to reach for carrots or almond butter consistently, your body will begin to crave those foods because those are what you’re using to satiate your hunger. Similarly, if you eat a piece of cake every time you’re very hungry, you will continue to crave sugar and carbohydrates lacking in real nutrition.
  3. Stock healthy food: Make healthy choices at the grocery store and resist buying junk food. If you don’t have junk in your house, you won’t be as tempted to eat it.
  4. Notice how you feel: Pay close attention to how healthy meals make you feel versus unhealthy meals. Whenever I eat a carb or sugar-loaded meal, I always feel terrible afterward, lacking energy and left with that “heavy” feeling. Eating a protein and healthy fat-based meal helps me feel energized and fit, satisfied but not overstuffed. If you focus on how you feel afterward, you can train yourself to maintain better habits.

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