5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

1. Aim to eat at least two clean meals per day: Try making sure at least two of your daily meals are full of nutrients and healthy fats. If one of your meals is less healthy because of holiday festivities, it isn’t the end of the world. However, eating three meals full of holiday treats is guaranteed to make you feel sluggish and weigh you down. Staying intentional with your main meals is the best way to build healthy eating habits and avoid consuming too many sugary and carb-loaded foods present throughout the holidays.

2. Make healthy dishes for parties: You know there will be plenty of pies and bread at every party you attend, so try finding a great winter salad a holiday spiced nut recipe to share instead.

3. Maintain your exercise schedule: The onset of cold weather can make it difficult to find the motivation to work out, when all you want to do is curl up under a blanket. Yet this time of year is perhaps the most important to exercise, since the dark winter months generally more depressing. Not to mention we find ourselves surrounded by unhealthy foods. Winter is a great time to try new sports and outdoor hobbies, like skiing or snowboarding. I find hiking and running even more pleasant in cold weather versus hot weather. If you hate the thought of running or doing something active in the cold, consider joining an indoor pool, indoor rec sports league, or start an at-home workout series on Youtube.

“Staying intentional with your main meals is the best way to build healthy eating habits”

4. Know it’s okay to say no: This time of year it seems like every workplace, home, and store offers an abundance of holiday snacks. It can be tough to say no if someone offers you something to eat. Stay intentional with your eating choices. If you do want it and are hungry, go for it and say yes! But just know you are perfectly allowed to refuse that fifteenth cookie and it won’t keep anyone up at night.

5. Stay aware of boredom-eating: Especially since we tend to spend more time inside during the winter, eating is an easy way to satisfy boredom. Of course it’s important to eat when you are hungry, but try to distinguish between boredom and hunger. If find yourself with unoccupied time during the holiday months, try getting into a good book, picking up an instrument, or working on a project that’s important to you.

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