6 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

While heat-styling and coloring can help create the exact kind of hair we want, they have devastating effects on our hair’s health. Here are a few ways that will help you get hair you love without damaging it beyond repair.


  1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo: sulfates are extremely harsh on hair and can leave lasting damage. Switch to a shampoo like Ovation Color Therapy Shampoo, which not only relieves hair from sulfate damage but also preserves color and moisturizes strands.
  2. Color less frequently: I think that hair color is a great way to enhance and individualize your look. Balayage is a great way to maintain the color you want without coloring your hair every few weeks. Tell your hairstylist you want something low-maintenance that will last for a couple months. This way you’re reducing damage and still getting awesome color.
  3. Minimize heat: You hear this all the time, but heat styling is terrible for your hair. Try working with your hair’s natural texture. If you absolutely want to heat style, reduce the frequency to once a week, or try a hair dryer with a “low heat” setting. I use this dryer by Hot Tools and have noticed much less heat damage since choosing the lower temperature setting. If you want to look into other hair dryers, check out this really awesome, thorough hair-dryer guide my friends at Reviews.com put together to help you find the best model for your hair type and needs.
  4. Skip a wash: Giving your hair a break from washing is a great way to allow your hair’s natural oils to replenish your hair. This will also help preserve your color.
  5. Use an oil-based shine spray: Shine sprays like Moroccan Oil’s Glimmer Shine Spray or Maui Moisture Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist both enhance shine and reduce flyaways. Since they work really well, you only need a small amount to create the desired effect. Concentrate on ends to avoid weighing down your roots and making them look greasy.
  6. Deep condition: There are countless recipes for great, inexpensive at-home deep conditioning treatments. Doing a hot oil treatment once a week can significantly improve your hair’s overall health and will make it easier to manage. There are also some great hair masks from the drugstore, like the Maui Moisture Agave Hair Mask, which I’ve found works wonders to decrease damage and increase strength.

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