Introduction to Self-Care

Thank you for stopping in and welcome to my new site! I am happy to bring to you a compilation of my thoughts and life lessons on all things self-care. According to the University of Kentucky, self-care includes “any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health” ( Self-care is more important than many people realize. Caring for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being can greatly improve your life and happiness. I am eager to pass on what I have learned through research and my own life experience to anyone who cares about living an intentional and fulfilling life.

Self-care is multifaceted, and often we forget how important it is to care for ourselves in the midst of our chaotic, demanding lives. At various times in my own life, I have seen myself and my friends forget what it means to take care of our bodies and minds. Or perhaps we feel selfish making time for this in the midst of other demands. I am just as guilty as anyone else in giving up sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and emotional and intellectual growth due to work or laziness. However, I have seen infinitely positive effects of intentionally taking care of myself. Not only do I feel happier, but I am better able to care for my friends and family and pursue my individual potential.

I write about everything ranging from food and fitness to beauty and relationships. Everything here will give you the tools you need to invest in yourself, have fun, and avoid feeling as though life is leaving you behind or crushing you under its feet.

The numerous elements of self-care might seem overwhelming at first. Remember we are in this together and before you know it, intentional action will transform into healthy habits you cannot live without. I have seen it in my own life and know self-care is a powerful tool and crucial step in truly living rather than simply existing. You deserve to be happy and healthy. I am here to help you do that.

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