How To Enjoy Working Out


  1. See it as a reward instead of a punishment: Your perspective can have a powerful influence on how you think about working out. I often hear people say things like, “I should run today because I ate like crap yesterday,” automatically viewing exercise as a punishment. Instead, recognize how healthy exercise is for your body. It gives you energy, overall reduces your chance of injury or pain, and simply makes you feel better. And how can you expect to perform well in other areas of your life without a healthy body? You must view it as having a positive impact on your life in order to look forward to it and recognize the benefits.
  2. Choose an activity you like: If you hate running, you don’t have to run! Find a sport or activity you love, like yoga or swimming and stick to it. Even if you don’t enjoy a specific sport, simply walking can make a big difference in your physical and mental health. YouTube is an awesome resource for workouts, especially if you have limited time. The couple behind Fitness Blender is highly knowledgeable and offer relatively short workouts that build serious strength. Yoga With Adriene is another of my favorite YouTubers; she is an awesome yogi who focuses on mindfulness as well as physical health.
  3. Work out with a friend: Working out with friends can make a workout five times as enjoyable than working out alone. You might not be able to organize something with friends every single time you exercise, but try scheduling a time to get together for a workout once or twice a week. That way you can encourage each other and catch up at the same time.
  4. Utilize positive self-talk: Positive self-talk can do wonders for getting through a workout. Even if you aren’t with a friend, train yourself to feed your mind encouragement. Instead of thinking that you’re weak or out of shape, tell yourself you can make it through and commend yourself throughout the workout. It might sound idealistic, but as a tennis player, I can attest to the power of self-talk.
  5. Believe you can do it: Coinciding with positive self-talk, belief in yourself is essential in achieving a difficult goal. Novak Djokovic attributes much of his success as one of the best tennis players in history purely to self-belief. In order to accomplish a workout goal, you have to first believe you can do so and maintain this belief when the workout becomes difficult.
  6. Focus on the results: Motivating yourself to work out after a long day at work is very difficult. Instead of focusing on how tired you are, focus on the strength and endorphins that result from a good workout and use this as your motivation.

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